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Wilson Grub Out

Take controls of the health of your plants by gettong rid of white grubs (European chafer, Japanese beetle and June beetle larvae), leatherjackets, fungus gnats, onion maggots, cutworms and sod webworms. The product has a 6 months shelf life. To use you need to mix with water and spray with the Nematode hose-end sprayer. It is pesticide-free and harmless to humans, plants and the environment. - Controls white grubs, fungus gnats, onion maggots, cutworms and sod web worms - Nematodes are naturally-occurring microscopic organisms present in soils, completely harmless to non- target species - Treat when larvae are present and actively feeding, typically late April to mid June and early august through October - Requires the hose end sprayer sold separatel The use of rodent or insect traps are an interesting alternative to synthetic rodenticides or insecticides. Their use reduces exposure to harmful chemicals to human health and ecosystems. Tips: Treat when larvae are present and actively feeding, in late April until mid-June and again in early August through October (varies slightly by geographical location). Apply nematodes to lawns when the soil temperature is between 10 °C and 30 °C (50 °F - 86 °F) and water lawn copiously in the following days. Apply to soil in the early morning or evening to avoid heat and direct sunlight.

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Premier Tech 12 Fall 2 Months Back Vine Weevils, Billbugs, European Chafer Larvae, Fungus Gnats, Japanese Beetle Grubs, June Beetle Larvae, Leatherjacket Larvae, Leatherjacket Pupae, Onion Maggots, Sod Webworms, White Grubs, Cutworms, Fleas
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