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Wilson Bug Out Japanese Beetle

Japanese beetles are coming. Let them be? No way! Getting rid of Japanese beetles will be music to your ears. The full-season dual lure contains two attractants, a highly efficient aromatic lure plus a female sex lure. The aromatic floral lure attracts both male and female beetles, while the sex lure emits the scent of the female beetle, attracting males in large numbers. This combination of lures will catch up to 5 times as many Japanese beetles as a floral lure alone. Say hello and goodbye to Japanese beetles and their grubs. Tips Placing traps should be timed to coincide with the emergence of adult Japanese beetles. Adults generally emerge between early June and late August. Traps are most effective when many of them are spread out over an entire community. Place dead beetles and bags in compost. Once lure has been removed, bag and trap are fully biodegradable and compostable.

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Premier Tech 12 Fall 2 Months Japanese Beetle
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