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Sunflower Mesh Feeder

Sturdy, 0.25" square metal mesh forms the tapered reservoir on this unique piece, supported by a circular top and base. A blend of plant fibers creates this cap and tray, for a truly sustainable accent. A metal rod through the center of the feeder body holds the top and base in place, along with the hanging cable. The conical reservoir holds 2 quarts of sunflower seed or peanut splits, and a raised section on the base prevents feed from accumulating. The mesh body is great for clinging birds, while a ring on the base offers perching to different species. Small holes on this base tray allow water to drain, and the beige tone of these pieces contrasts the black mesh. Hang the item with the attached cable for an easy display, and lift the lid upward along this cable to refill the unit. Its biodegradable construction makes an environmentally sound piece, and the traditional colors mesh with a wealth of settings.

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