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Keal Fulvic Acid

Keal is a highly concentrated liquid fulvic acid derived from humalite, a highly concentrated source of humic and fulvic acid found exclusively in Alberta, Canada. This high CEC, low molecular weight fulvic acid helps to build root systems, grow biomass, enhance nutrient uptake and availability, contributing to higher crop yield and overall quality. Keal is a powerful chelating agent for enhancement of both soil and foliar nutrient applications. It is compatible with virtually any liquid crop input and aids in uptake and penetration through root and leaf membranes. OMRI approved.

Option Active Ingredient Brand Case Quantities Organic Pallet Quantity Replenishment Frequency Price Purchase
KEAL 5 GAL 18.9 L 48/PAL
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Product Type:
Fulvic Acid Black Earth 48 Yes 48 Yearly
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