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Instrata II

Instrata II combines the forces of two powerful active ingredients, Solatenol and fludioxinil. Solatenol assimilates into the plants via translaminar movement, strongly binding to the plant’s cuticular wax, and slowly penetrating into the tissue. Solatenol also exhibits upward movement within grass plants, giving protection from snow mould from the inside out throughout the winter season. Instrata II couples solatenol with fludioxinil, a protectant, contact fungicide which inhibits fungal spore germination and stops mycelial growth. It is the same active ingredient contained in Medallion fungicide. Instrata II tightly binds to the leaf providing long-lasting control of snow mould over the winter months. Instrata II is a combination of separately registered products comprised of Instrata II A and Instrata II B. Active Ingredients: Instrata II A: Fludioxonil 125g/l Instrata II B: Benzovindiflupyr 100g/l

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Snow Mould
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Chlorothalonil, Fludioxonil, Propiconazole Syngenta 2 32712 As Needed
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