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Grand Chalet 4lb Bird Feeder

Transform your yard into a bird-feeding paradise with the Perky-Pet Grand Chalet Wild Bird Feeder. This versatile feeder can dispense a variety of seed types and attract many of your favorite species of backyard birds. The large 4 lb seed capacity will keep you in good supply so you never run out during peak feeding times. Multiple feeding ports dispense into a spacious feeding tray, which allows multiple birds to feed from a variety of angles at the same time, while also reducing messes under the feeder.

Thanks to a convenient roof overhang, birds and the seed supply will stay dry, even in inclement weather. Plus, the unique Sure-Lock™ cap locks the lid securely in place so that squirrels can’t easily raid the seed inside the reservoir. For your convenience, the lid is easy to remove for effortless filling and cleaning. Sturdy plastic components provide added protection from elements to ensure years of bird-watching enjoyment. Use the built-in hanging hook to place this charming feeder anywhere around your yard where you can easily view it.