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Evergro Turf Starter 15-30-15

Specially blended fertilizer provides the optimum well balanced nutrition for new lawns from seed or sod.

40% of the nitrogen supplied by long-lasting slow release polymer coated urea-for even feeding to the seed as it germinates, and to the sod as it starts to grow.

High phosphorus content promotes healthy root development-enables lawns to tolerate stress from heat, drought, weeds, and disease.

WHEN TO USE: Use Evergro Turf Starter on your soil just prior to seeding or laying sod. Apply in late spring or early fall at the rate of 2kg per 100m squared (1000sq. ft). A second application of Turf Starter fertilizer can be made after 3 mowings.

Evergro products are available for fall booking, inventory is restocked once yearly.

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