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Compass 50WG

Providing broad-spectrum disease control on turfgrass plants, as well as ornamental plantings. Compass 50WG is a 50% WG (water dispersible granule) and is packaged in a 454g container.

  • Has a high affinity with the plant surface and is absorbed by the waxy layers of the plant.
  • Once embedded into the waxy layer, Compass 50 WG provides a secure reservoir of locked-in, long-lasting protection on the plant surface.
  • Is redistributed locally on the surface of the plant by the surface moisture.
  • Redistributes on the plant surface and adjacent blades by limited vapour movement and reabsorption.
  • Provides oxidative stress reduction in turfgrass plants.

Customer must have valid provincial license on file for purchase of this product.

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Trifloxystrobin Envu 1 27527 Weekly as needed
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