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Brass Swivel

There is something relaxing about watering with a hose. Unfortunately, the joy of hand watering is short-lived when battling your hose. Hoses twist, causing unwanted delays and hassles. The constant pulling and twisting wears on your hose and you. Dram relieves this stress and brings back the joy of hand watering with the new Brass Hose Swivel. The Brass Hose Swivel is a LIVE SWIVEL, allowing you to twist and turn while watering without the hose getting tangled and restricting your movements. Hose-end accessories can now be moved in any direction without having to fight the hose. The Brass Hose Swivel is made in the USA from solid brass for a heavy-duty look and feel. Has been featured in This Old House Magazine. Dramm products are available for fall booking, inventory restocked once yearly.

Option Brand Case Quantities Pre-Booking Season Replenishment Frequency Price Purchase
Dramm 12 Fall Yearly
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