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Botanigard 22WP

Biological insecticide that is used to control whitefly, thrips, aphids, and many other soft-bodied insects in greenhouse and field crops. Based on the highly successful fungus, Beauveria bassiana, strain GHA, it controls the most troublesome crop pests – even resistant strains. When properly applied, BotaniGard's insect control can equal or exceed that of chemical insecticides. Key features: Use as a stand-alone, tank mix partner or in rotation with other insecticides Controls whiteflies, aphids, and thrips in greenhouse ornamentals and vegetables Excellent resistance management due to its unique, non-site specific mode of action Cost-effective; controls multiple stages of insects, preventing population flare-ups and the required rescue treatments to get things back under control. 4-hour re-entry interval (REI); 0-day pre-harvest interval Excellenet safety profile No limit to the number of times it can be applied in a season. Note: It is not necessary for a white fungal growth to occur to know the product is working: The insect is killed before this happens. Use caution when making BotaniGard applications to open blooms, especially on varieties known to be sensitive. It is recommended that a small group of plants be tested for effect on open blooms before making applications to the whole crop.
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Beauveria bassiana Plant Products 1 29321 Fall Weekly Aphids, Thrips, Whitefly
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