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Please note that all seed available for purchase on our commercial website is large packaged seed. Large packaged seed is sold in clear and tan plastic packages. Paper seed packets are available for purchase through a separate order form.

A hardy perennial, asparagus offers the first harvest of spring. Rich in vitamin A and C, asparagus may be steamed until tender or frozen immediately after harvest for later enjoyment. Harvest spears in the third year when grown from seed, the following spring from mature roots. Asparagus benefits from a yearly mulch of compost or manure. Begin harvesting the third spring after planting by cutting 15-22cm (6-9") tall spears at the soil surface. When sowing seeds, soak them for 48 hours prior to planting to encourage germination. Mary Washington is a popular variety offering generous early yields and large tight tips. An heirloom variety with both male and female roots will be produced.

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