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AquaGro 2000L

Soilless growing mixes are prone to water repellency, a problem that interferes with proper water, air, and nutrient management. An initial surfactant treatment in the mix helps it to wet, drain and perform well early in production. However, this surfactant treatment degrades over time and cannot prevent the development of water repellency in the later stages of production. Consequently, soilless mixes become less uniform and less efficient over time. This is a challenge. As plants grow, they need adequate amounts of water and nutrients, yet the development of water repellency reduces the soilless mix’s ability to meet those needs. AquaGro 2000 L was developed to overcome water repellency in soilless mixes so they perform at full capacity from the start of production until the plants ship out the door.

Benefits of AquaGro 2000 L:

  • Improve plant vigor
  • Save money on water and labor
  • Reduce water and fertilizer leaching
  • Easy and safe to apply to a wide variety of plants
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Wetting Agent
Aquatrols 2 72
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