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Safer's 3-in-1 Garden Spray

Safer's 3-in-1 Garden Spray combines the power of a fungicide, an insecticide and a miticide to knock out your garden problems. Now, you can control fungal diseases, insects and mites with one simple solution. There’s no need to be a gardening expert to have a healthy garden – our 3-in-1 Garden Spray tackles it all! This unique formulation is gentle on most plants and can be used right up until the day before harvest.

This convenient ready-to-use spray is OMRI Listed and compliant for use in organic gardening, so you can take control of your garden while continuing to grow your fruits, vegetables and flowers in a way that follows organic gardening standards.

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Potassium salts of fatty acids, Sulphur Woodstream 6 Fall Yearly, with potential to re-order in peak season Aphids, Spider Mites, Multi-Insect, Whitefly
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