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Atlantick Spray

Purifying, refreshing and energizing, the fresh scent of Lemongrass offers a clean, crisp aroma that you can spray on you, your dog, horse or one of our lava line products. Atlantick Outdoor Spray is a registered cosmetic product, meant to enhance your enjoyment of the time you spend outdoors. It is refreshing, made with safe, skin-nourishing ingredients and smells great. *Atlantick Outdoor Spray is not a registered insect repellent and we do not support claims to that effect. Partnered with Acadia University, Atlantick is developing a 97.5% effective tick repellent that they aim to release in 2021 after registration with Canada Health and pesticide authorities. Available for fall booking, with potential for repeats in peak season.

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Insect Repellent
Atlantick 12 Fall Yearly, with potential for repeats Ticks
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