Greenhouse Varieties

Halifax Seed varieties an extensive line of Greenhouse vegetable varieties seed from classic staples to new on the market varieties. Listed here is a selection of greenhouse specific varieties used to grow for mass production.


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Vegetable Seed

Halifax Seed offers an extensive line of vegetable seed from classic staples to new on the market varieties. Listed here is a specific selection of greenhouse specific tomato, cucumber and pepper varieties. To see our full line of vegetable see you can download our retail seed catalogue to find more information.



Torero – Beefsteak
High yield with firm fruit and a good shelf life. High cracking tolerance with an average weight of 250-300g. Good for year round crops in the greenhouse.

Komeet – Truss type
High yielding that has a perfect high round shape. Excellent truss uniformity. Cracking tolerant with an average weight of 160-180g.

Dasher – Plum truss cherry
Nice plum shape that form on tall plants with strong vigor. Good shelf life with an average of 25g.

Conchita – Cherry truss type
Shiny fruit with a very good taste. Firm and good shelf life. Strong plant vigor and uniform trusses with 12-16 fruits that average 25g.

Foronti – Beefsteak
An attractive red coloured beef tomato with a nice round shape. Can be grown year-round. Average weigh between 250-300g.

 A flat, round and slightly ribbed tomato good for long seasons, (grafting is recommended). A good variety for old, short greenhouses. Average weight between 200-220 grams.

 A high average fruit weight and yield potential, average weight between 150-160 grams. Because of its intermediate powdery mildew resistance, high average fruit weight and reliable behavior it’s the number one tomato amongst growers and retailers.




Camero –
Strong vigor and easy to grow with a high yield and good uniformity. Good for spring and late fall. Dark green colour and long shelf life. Average weight 425-500.

Jawell –
A mini cucumber 4-6 inches long, with intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. Medium vigor and easy to grow and harvest. Excellent fruit quality & taste with a good shelf life and market appreciation.


A blocky red sweet pepper with a vigorous plant, good set and excellent leaf cover. Fruit size is 220 grams. high fruit load potential, suitable for two-three and four stem system, easier crop management.