Is Spring Starting With The Winter Blues?

With the roller coaster winter we just experienced, getting your turf jumping out of the gate is crucial to set you up for a successful summer season. Halifax Seed has a great lineup of fertilizers to aid in spring recovery!

Plant Products 12-0-12 

An ammoniacal nitrogen based fertilizer, containing a high level of sulfur and micronutrients ideal for early spring recovery during periods of unfavorable temperature growth.

Turf Fuel Quick Green 14-20-0

Quick Green can be used for aeration recovery, newly seeded areas or anywhere else you need turf to grow super-fast. It’s also the ideal product to green up turf in the spring. When the soil gets cool in the winter, the plant has a hard time absorbing phosphorous from the soil. Quick Green helps the plant wake up from the winter and get growing.

15-3-10 Homogeneous Ammonium Sulphate Fertilizer

 The premier choice of homogeneous spring fertilizers. With all three macro nutrients and also sulfur, iron, and manganese, this non temperature dependent source of nitrogen is sure to get your turf jumping while aiding in the fight against patch diseases that can lead to larger problems as the season progresses.