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We’ve updated our Golf Course section to include all of our innovative products from industry leading vendors. If you haven’t spoken to one of our technical golf course consultants yet this season, now is the time to do it.

Halifax Seed is proud to announce two new product additions to our existing turf management portfolio. GreenLeaf Technologies is a major manufacturer of spray nozzles and accessories designed to ensure that money being spent on plant protection products is being utilized by delivering the product in the most efficient way possible. Check out more regarding this new technology under the “Spray Tank Solutions” tab.

We are also extremely excited to offer superintendents a new line of foliar fertilizers that has been taking North America by storm.

Turf Fuel is a line of unique products designed to enhance plant strength and prepare intensely managed turf for extreme growing conditions. Just as an endurance athlete needs the right fuel to compete, your turf needs the right fuel to endure the rigors of summer stress. Energy conservation is the key to survival so we’ve designed our products to aid plant energy and protein production. Every ingredient in a Turf Fuel product is there for a reason and added at an agronomically beneficial value. That means we don’t just put a small quantity in so we can claim it on the label. Our philosophy is simple, give plants the nutrients and stress fighting components they need, in the best raw material forms possible, and create really strong plants. We know a lot is riding on your turf’s quality and condition. Our goal is to give turf managers the nutritional tools they need to make their turf the best it can possibly be. We are passionate about providing the most effective products for the challenges facing today’s turf managers.

Learn more about the Turf Fuel line of products under the “Fertilizers” tab on the main page!

Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island Consultant

Callum Haughn


Vincent Dieras


New Brunswick/Newfoundland Consultant

Jeff Colwell