Timothy is a widely adapted, easy to establish, maintain and is compatible with a variety of legumes. It is well-adapted to heavier soils and variably drained fields. It is a good forage when cut at the boot to heading stage. Timothy added to a legume mixture will provide some insurance against winterkill. Timothy-Alfalfa mixtures are among the most productive mixtures for stored feed.

Common Timothy: used in many hay and pasture mixtures as well as general seeding mixtures in crop rotation practices. Probably the most widely used grass in Atlantic Canada

Climax: A mid-season timothy. Climax is one of the older varieties that are tired-tested-and-true. An excellent performer in the Maritimes for a slightly later hay crop.

Champ: Early-mid season. A good Timothy for hay and pasture. Moderate to high yields, good re-growth after cutting.

Basho: Early. Basho matures five days earlier than other varieties (such as Champ). Good regrowth after cutting and high yields.