Annual Ryegrass

Common Annual Ryegrass: Annual ryegrasses are widely used for plowdown, or short-term forage. Often under seeded to cereals to provide soil conservation crops after harvest.

Aubade Annual Ryegrass: Aubade is a tetraploid annual ryegrass that is recognizable by its abundant and quick growth. Farmers have grown Aubade again and again because it is a high yielding, consistent producer of quantity and quality fodder for livestock. It offers excellent palatability and digestibility for consistent weight gain in your livestock herd. Aubade’s “performance is second to none for temperature, stress, vigour, and quick re-growth after cutting or grazing in almost all conditions.”

Lemtal: A diploid Italian type pasture ryegrass. It has an upright growth pattern and a very good re-growth potential after cutting. Lemtal is widely used where there is a shortage of pastures due to it’s ability to be grazed within 6-8 weeks as well as heavily though late fall. Lemtal is ideal for under seeding to cereals due to its shorter growth habit compared to the cereals. It is also widely used as an annual plowdown to add organic matter to soils.